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Invitrogen has made finding the right vector for your research easier. Simply search by keyword or filter your results by vector type, host system, or cloning system. Once the initial results are displayed, they can be further refined by selecting among characteristics such as promoter, inducer, and antibiotic selection. In addition we also have a wide selection of products related to vectors, including competent cells, media, plasmid purification kits and more.

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  Target Protein
  Cat # List Price (USD) Qty
BLOCK-iT™ Inducible H1 Lentiviral RNAi System pENTR/H1/TO RNAi Mammalian K492500 2,260.00
BLOCK-iT™ Pol II miR RNAi Expression Vector Kit pcDNA6.2-GW/miR RNAi Mammalian K493500 586.00
BLOCK-iT™ Pol II miR RNAi Expression Vector Kit with EmGFP pcDNA6.2-GW/EmGFP-miR RNAi Mammalian K493600 654.00
BLOCK-iT™ U6 RNAi Entry Vector Kit pENTR/U6 RNAi Mammalian K494500 576.00
Bac-to-Bac® HT Vector Kit pFastBac HT Expression Insect 10584027 674.00
Bac-to-Bac® Vector Kit pFastBac 1 Expression Insect 10360014 648.00
Champion™ pET302/NT-His and pET303/CT-His Vector Kit pET303/CT-His, pET302/NT-His Expression Bacteria K630203 490.00
DES®-Inducible/Secreted Kit with pCoHygro pMT/BiP/V5-His Expression Insect K413001 1,468.00
His-Patch ThioFusion™ Expression System pThioHis Expression Bacteria K36001 1,002.00
Original Pichia Expression Kit pHIL-S1, pHIL-D2, pPIC9, pPIC3.5 Expression Yeast K171001 1,470.00
Pichia methanolica Expression System pMETalpha;pMET Expression Yeast K178001 Contact Us
PichiaPink™ Secreted Protein Expression Kit pPinkalpha-HC Expression Yeast A11151 2,205.00
PichiaPink™ Secreted Protein Vector Kit pPinkalpha-HC Expression Yeast A11153 804.00
PichiaPink™ Secretion Optimization Kit pPink-HC Expression Yeast A11150 3,245.00
PichiaPink™ Vector Kit pPink-LC Expression Yeast A11152 1,108.00
Plasmid pBR322 pBR322 Cloning 15367014 222.00
pAO815 pAO815 Expression Yeast V18020 674.00
pBAD/His Kit pBAD/His Expression Bacteria V43001 632.00
pBAD/Myc-His Kit pBAD/Myc-His Expression Bacteria V44001 636.00
pBAD/gIII Kit pBAD/gIII Expression Bacteria V45001 650.00
pBudCE4.1 pBudCE4.1 Expression Mammalian V53220 528.00
pCEP4 pCEP4 Expression Mammalian V04450 516.00
pCMV/Zeo pCMV/Zeo Expression Mammalian V50120 454.00
pCMV/myc/ER pCMV/myc/ER Expression Mammalian V82320 564.00
pCMV/myc/cyto pCMV/myc/cyto Expression Mammalian V82020 564.00
pCMV/myc/mito pCMV/myc/mito Expression Mammalian V82220 564.00
pCMV/myc/nuc pCMV/myc/nuc Expression Mammalian V82120 540.00
pDisplay™ Vector pDisplay Expression Mammalian V66020 447.00
pEF/myc/nuc pEF/myc/nuc Expression Mammalian V89120 616.00
pEF1/His A, B, & C pEF1/His Expression Mammalian V92220 616.00
pEF1/V5-His A, B, & C pEF1/V5-His Expression Mammalian V92020 632.00
pEF1/myc-His A, B, & C pEF1/myc-His Expression Mammalian V92120 644.00
pEF4/myc-His A, B, & C pEF4/myc-His Expression Mammalian V94220 676.00
pEF6/V5-His A, B, & C pEF6/V5-His Expression Mammalian V96120 614.00
pEF6/myc-His A, B, & C pEF6/myc-His Expression Mammalian V96220 676.00
pEM7/Zeo pEM7/Zeo Expression Bacteria V50020 490.00
pFLD1 Vector Kit pFLDalpha;pFLD Expression Yeast V23020 778.00
pFastBac Dual pFastBac Dual Expression Insect 10712024 596.00
pGAPZ A, B, & C pGAPZ Expression Yeast V20020 702.00
pGAPZα; A, B, & C pGAPZalpha; Expression Yeast V20520 712.00
pIZ/V5-His Vector Kit pIZ/V5-His Expression Insect V800001 650.00
pMIB/V5-His Vector Kit pMIB/V5-His Expression Insect V803001 692.00
pPIC3.5K pPIC3.5K Expression Yeast V17320 674.00
pPIC6 A, B, & C pPIC6 Expression Yeast V21020 702.00
pPIC6α; A, B, & C pPIC6alpha; Expression Yeast V21520 712.00
pPIC9K pPIC9K Expression Yeast V17520 674.00
pPICZ A, B, & C pPICZ Expression Yeast V19020 702.00
pPICZα; A, B, & C pPICZalpha; Expression Yeast V19520 712.00
pREP4 pREP4 Expression Mammalian V00450 506.00
pRSET A, B, & C pRSET Expression Bacteria V35120 626.00