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8 Antibodies Returned

Conjugate Excitation Emission
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ERK1/2 [pTpY185/187] IHC,WB Hu pAb (Rb IgG) Fluorescein (FITC) 488 nm 519 nm 44-6808 100 tests   Contact Us
ERK1/2 ELISA, WB Hu 3HCLC Unconjugated 710214 100 µg 299.00
p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2) (pT202/pY204) ELISA, WB Hu pAB, 6HCLC (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 710318 100 µg 285.00
ERK1/2 (pan) WB Hu,Ms,Rt pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 44-654G 100 µl 299.00
ERK1/2 ELISA,IHC,IP,WB Hu,Ms,Rt pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 61-7400 100 µg 270.00
ERK1/2 [pT185/pY187] ELISA,IHC,WB Hu 15H10L7 Unconjugated 700012 100 µg 299.00
ERK1/2 [pTpY185/187] IHC,WB Hu pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 44-680G 10 blots 299.00
ERK1/2 [pTpY185/187] IHC Hu,Ms,Rt pAb (Rb IgG) Alexa Fluor 488 495 nm 519 nm 44-680A1 100 µl 299.00