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Finding primary antibodies is easier than ever. Simply search by target, gene symbol, or gene ID; then filter your results by application, reactivity, host, conjugate type or antibody type. You can also search within your results to quickly find the right antibody.

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7 Antibodies Returned

Conjugate Excitation Emission
Size List Price (USD) Qty Cart
CD3? FC Ms mAb, 145-2C11 (Ms IgG) PE 488 nm 575 nm A14714 25 µg 71.25
CD3e FC Ms mAb, 145-2C11 (Ms IgG) PE-Cy7 488 nm 767 nm A14775 50 µg 146.00
CD3e FC Ms mAb, 145-2C11 (Ms IgG) PerCP-Cy5.5 482 nm 695 nm A14784 25 µg 97.75
cd3e FC Ms 145-2C11 PE-Cy5 488 nm 670 nm A15837 50 µg 81.00
CD3 FC Ms 17A2 APC-Cy7 600 nm 650 nm A18634 25 µg 114.00
CD3e FC Ms 145-2C11 Fluorescein (FITC) 488 nm 519 nm A18644 25 µg 32.00
CD3e FC Ms 145-2C11 Allophycocyanin (APC) 650 nm 660 nm A18605 25 µg 68.00