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41184 IHC (FFPE) Hu Ms mAb, ZO001 (Ms IgG1, kappa) Unconjugated 18-0471 1 ml 474.83
4E-BP1 [pT37] ELISA,FC,IF,IHC,WB Hu Rb 52H37L2 Unconjugated 700238 100 µg 299.00
53BP1 IF, IHC, WB Hu, Mk Rb pAb, (Rb IgG) Unconjugated A14034 100 µl 299.00
A2B5 FC,IF,IHC,WB Ch,Cn,Hu,Mk,Ms,Rb,Rt Ms 105 Unconjugated 433110 100 µg 299.00
ABCA4 IHC, WB Bv,Hu,Ms,Xe Ms mAb, 3F4 (Ms IgG) Unconjugated P21933 100 µl 325.00
ACAT1 ELISA, ICC, IHC, IP Hu Ms mAb, 9H10AB4 (Ms IgG2a, kappa) Unconjugated A21985 100 μg 347.00
AF-6 IHC,WB Hu,Ms Rb A7L9H48 Unconjugated 700193 100 µg 299.00
AID ELISA,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu Ms ZA001 Unconjugated 39-2500 100 µg 299.00
AKT [pS473] ELISA,FC,IF,IHC,WB Hu,Ms Rb 98H9L8 Unconjugated 700392 100 µg 299.00
AKT/PKB [pS473] IHC,WB Hu,Ms Rb 14-6 Unconjugated 44-621G 10 blots 299.00
AKT/PKB alpha ELISA, IHC, WB Hu,Cn,Rt Ms mAb, 5G12 (Ms IgG1) Unconjugated 44609M 50 µl   Contact Us
ALK ELISA,IF,IHC,WB Hu Rb pAb, ZAL4 (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 51-3900 100 µg 299.00
ALK (Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase) IHC (FFPE) Hu Rb pAB, (Rb) Unconjugated 18-0266 1 ml 419.21
AMPKbeta1 [pS182] FC,IF,IHC,WB Hu Rb 9H26L42 Unconjugated 700241 100 µg 299.00
AP-2 alpha ELISA,IHC,WB Hu Ms 8G8/5 Unconjugated 37-5800 100 µg 290.00
APP ELISA,IF,IHC,WB Hu,Ms,Rt,Sw Rb pAb, CT695 (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 51-2700 50 µg 260.00
APP IHC,IP,WB Hu,Ms Rb pAb, ZMD.316 (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 36-6900 100 µg 299.00
APP ELISA,IF,IHC,WB Hu Ms LN27 Unconjugated 13-0200 100 µg 290.00
APP Enzyme Assays,IHC,IP,WB Hu,Mk Rb MABP2 1 Unconjugated 44-100 50 µg 310.00
ATF-2 IHC, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt Rb 20F1 Unconjugated A14038 100 µl 299.00
Aconitate Hydratase ELISA,IHC,IP Hu,Ms,Rt Ms 6D1BE4 Unconjugated A21963 100 µg 368.00
Actin (Smooth Muscle) IHC (FFPE) Hu,Ms Ms mAb, 1A4 (Ms IgG2a) Unconjugated 18-0106 1 ml 285.31
Aggrecan IHC,WB Hu Ms 1R11 14A6 Unconjugated AHP0012 0.5 mg 330.00
Aggrecan IHC,WB Hu Ms 969D4D11 Unconjugated AHP0022 0.5 ml 330.00
Alexa Fluor® 405/Cascade Blue® FC,ICC,IHC N/A Rb Rb IgG Unconjugated A-5760 0.5 ml 286.00
Alexa Fluor® 488 FC,ICC,IHC N/A Rb Rb IgG Unconjugated A-11094 0.5 ml 299.00
Alpha Fetoprotein IHC (FFPE) Hu Ms mAb, ZSA06 (Ms IgG1, kappa) Unconjugated 18-0003 1 ml 128.75
Alpha-Synuclein IHC (FFPE) Hu Ms mAb, LB509 (Ms IgG1, kappa) Unconjugated 18-0215 1 ml 372.86
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) (N-terminal) ELISA,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu Ms NAB228 Unconjugated 37-4200 100 µg 299.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) (N-terminal) Enzyme Assays,IHC Hu Rb pAb, (Rb IgG) Unconjugated AHB0121 100 µl 299.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-40] DB,Enzyme Assays,IHC,RIA Hu Rb pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 44-136 10 blots 368.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-42] ELISA,IHC Hu,Ms Rb 20-1 Unconjugated 437900 25 µg 299.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-42] DB,Enzyme Assays,IHC,RIA Hu Rb pAb, Cleavage site (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 44-344 25 µg 320.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-42] ELISA,IHC Hu,Ms Rb H31L21 Unconjugated 700254 100 µg 299.00
Amyloid Beta Peptide (Abeta) ELISA,IHC,IP,WB Hu Rb pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 71-5800 100 µg 290.00
Amyloid Beta Peptide (Abeta) ELISA,IHC,WB Hu Ms AMY-33 Unconjugated 13-0100Z 100 µg 290.00
Androgen Receptor ELISA,IHC,IP,WB Hu Ms H7507 Unconjugated 415900 100 µg 455.00
Annexin I ELISA,IHC,WB Hu,Ms,Rt Rb pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated 71-3400 100 µl 299.00
Annexin II ELISA,IHC,WB Bv,Cn,Hu,Ov Ms Z014 Unconjugated 03-4400 100 µg 368.00
Annexin VII ELISA,IHC,WB Hu,Ms,Ov,Rb,Rt Ms ZA004 Unconjugated 39-3000 100 µg   Contact Us
Anti-fluorescein/Oregon Green® FC,ICC,IHC N/A Ms 4-4-20 Unconjugated A-6421 0.5 mg 388.00
Aurora A Kinase ELISA,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu Ms 61R15 Unconjugated 436900 100 µg   Contact Us
B-Cell IHC (FFPE) Hu Ms mAb, L26 (Ms IgG2a, kappa) Unconjugated 18-0088 1 ml 257.50
BCL-2 FC,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu Ms Bcl-2-100 Unconjugated 13-8800 1 ml 270.00
BCL-XL Enzyme Assays,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu,Ms,Rt,Sw Ms 2H12 Unconjugated AHO0222 100 µg 299.00
BCL-xL [pS62] IHC Hu Rb Alexa Fluor 488 44-428A1 10 blots   Contact Us
BETA AMYLOID 1-40 ELISA, ICC Hu Rb 4HCLC Unconjugated 710174 100 µg 299.00
BODIPY® FL ICC,IHC,WB N/A Rb Rb IgG Unconjugated A-5770 0.5 ml 287.00
BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) ELISA,ICC,IF,IHC,WB Bv Rb pAb (Rb IgG) Unconjugated A11133 0.5 ml 145.00
Bax ELISA,IHC,IP,WB Hu,Mk Ms 2D2 Unconjugated 33-6400 100 µg 270.00