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22 Antibodies Returned

Conjugate Excitation Emission
Size List Price (USD) Qty Cart
53BP1 [pSER1778] FC, IF, WB Hu, Mk Unconjugated A13987 100 µl 325.00
A2B5 FC,IF,IHC,WB Ch,Cn,Hu,Mk,Ms,Rb,Rt 105 Unconjugated 433110 100 µg 299.00
Axl FC,IP,WB Hu,Mk C44G1 Unconjugated A14027 100 µl 299.00
BRF1/2 FC, IF, WB Hu,RhMk,Ms,Rt Unconjugated A13961 100 µl 299.00
CD3 FC Mk FN-18 Biotin APS0309 200 tests 353.00
CD3 BS,FC Mk FN-18 Unconjugated APS0301 500 µg 678.00
CD3 FC Mk FN-18 Fluorescein (FITC) 488 nm 519 nm APS0308 100 tests 313.00
CXCR4 FC,IHC,Immunostaining of Cryostat Sections Hu,Mk 12G5 Unconjugated AHR1462X 500 µg 475.00
Cyclin D1 FC Hu,Mk,Ms,Rt DCS-6 Fluorescein (FITC) 488 nm 519 nm AHF0088 100 µg   Contact Us
Cyclin D1 BB,FC,IF,IHC,IP,WB Cn,Hu,Mk,Ms,Rt DCS-6 Unconjugated AHF0082 100 µg 299.00
HSF1 CHIP, FC, IF, IHC, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt Unconjugated A14025 100 µl 299.00
HSP40 FC, IF, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt pAb, (Rb IgG) Unconjugated A14033 100 µl 299.00
Ku80 FC,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu C48E7 Unconjugated A13966 100 µl 299.00
LSD1 FC, IF, IHC, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt Unconjugated A13962 100 µl 299.00
MEK1 [pThr286] FC, IF, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt pAb, (Rb IgG) Unconjugated A14036 100 µl 325.00
NGFR FC,IF,IHC,IP,WB Hu,Mk,Rb NGFR5 Unconjugated AHU0302 100 µg 308.00
NUMB FC, IF, IP, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt C29G11 Unconjugated A13993 100 µl 299.00
PHOSPHO-HSP27 [SER78] FC, IHC, WB Hu, Mk Unconjugated A13978 100 µl 325.00
PU.1 CHIP, FC, IC, IHC, IP, WB Hu, Ms 9G7 Unconjugated A13971 100 µl 299.00
VCP FC, IF, WB Hu, Mk, Ms, Rt Unconjugated A13985 100 µl 299.00
p53 FC,IHC,IP,WB Bv,Ch,Ha,Hu,Mk,Ms,Rt,Sw 998A2A2 Unconjugated AHO0112 100 µg 299.00
p53 EMSA,EA,FC,IHC,IP,WB Bv,Hu,Mk DO-1 Unconjugated AHO0152 100 µg 299.00