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90 Antibodies Returned

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Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-40] DB,Enzyme Assays,RIA Hu Rb pAb, Cleavage site (Rb IgG) Biotin 44-3489 25 µg 430.00
Amyloid Beta (Abeta) [1-42] DB,Enzyme Assays,RIA Hu Rb pAb, Cleavage site (Rb IgG) Biotin 44-3449 25 µg 430.00
BAZ2B IP Hu Ms Biotin 730049 100 µg 285.00
BRD4 IP Hu Ms Biotin 730047 100 µg 285.00
Bcl-xL FC Hu Ms 7B2.5 Biotin A15375 0.1 mg 305.00
BrdU IHC N/A Ms ZBU30 Biotin 03-3940 1 ml 371.00
BrdU IF, IHC N/A Ms mAb, MoBU-1 (Ms IgG) Biotin B35138 350 µl 295.00
CBX3 IP Hu Ms Biotin 730045 100 µg 285.00
CBX5 IP Hu Ms Biotin 730046 100 µg 285.00
CD11b FC Ms Rt M1/70.15 Biotin RM2815 1 ml 109.00
CD14 FC Hu Ms T?K4 Biotin MHCD1415 0.5 ml 212.00
CD3 FC Mk Ms FN-18 Biotin APS0309 200 tests 353.00
CD31 FC Hu Ms MBC78.2 Biotin MHCD3115-4 2 ml 706.00
CD34 FC Hu Ms 581 Biotin CD34-581-15 0.5 ml 212.00
CD38 FC Hu Ms HIT2 Biotin MHCD3815 0.5 ml 212.00
CD44V6 FC,IHC,WB Hu Ms VFF-7 Biotin AHS4469 100 tests 381.00
CD45 FC Hu Ms HI30 Biotin MHCD4515 0.5 ml 212.00
CD45R FC Ms Rt RA3-6B2 Biotin RM2615 1 ml 109.00
CD48 FC Hu Ms MEM-102 Biotin A15731 0.1 mg 126.00
CD49b FC Ms Rt DX5 Biotin A15419 0.1 mg 225.00
CD49e FC Ms Rt 5H10-27 (MFR5) Biotin A15402 0.1 mg 225.00
CD57 FC Hu Ms MEM-188 Biotin MHCD5615-4 2 ml 706.00
CD62E FC Hu Ms 1.2B6 Biotin A15437 0.1 mg 178.00
CD74 FC Hu Ms LN2 Biotin A15461 0.1 mg 158.00
EP300 IP Hu Ms Biotin 730044 100 µg 285.00
F4/80 FC Ms Rt BM8 Biotin MF48015 1 ml 189.00
F4/80 FC Ms Rt BM8 Biotin MF48015-3 3 ml 437.00
GFP (Green fluorescent protein) ICC,IF,WB GFP Ck Biotin A10263 100 µl 297.00
GFP (Green fluorescent protein) ICC,IF,WB GFP Rb Rb IgG Biotin A10259 100 µl 297.00
GM-CSF ELISA Hu Ms 404CE 10A8 Biotin AHC2919 100 µg 279.00
HuC/HuD neuronal protein WB Hu Ms 16A11 Biotin-XX A-21272 100 µg 435.00
IFN Gamma ELISA,FC,IHC,Neutralizing,WB Ms Ms DB-1 Biotin AMC4739 100 µg 270.00
IFN Gamma ELISA Sw Ms A151D13C5 Biotin ASC4839 100 µg 279.00
IFN Gamma ELISA Hu Ms 67F12A8 Biotin AHC4539 100 µg 270.00
IL-1-beta ELISA Hu Ms 508A3H12 Biotin AHC0519 100 µg 270.00
IL-10 ELISA,Neutralizing Ms Ms JES5-2A5 Biotin AMC0109 100 µg   Contact Us
IL-10 ELISA Sw Ms 945A1A926C2 Biotin ASC9109 100 µg 270.00
IL-10 ELISA Hu Ms 945A5A10 Biotin AHC7109 100 µg 270.00
IL-12 FC Ms Rt C17.8 Biotin RM9315 1 ml   Contact Us
IL-12 FC Hu Ms C8.6 Biotin MHCIL1215-3 3 ml   Contact Us
IL-12 (p40/p70) ELISA Rt Ms 20G101H7 Biotin ARC9129 100 µg 270.00
IL-12 (p40/p70) ELISA Hu Ms A25C4B6 Biotin AHC7129 100 µg 270.00
IL-1a ELISA,FC Hu Ms 840C20B8 Biotin AHC0419 100 µg 270.00
IL-1ra ELISA Hu Ms A71B 6D11 Biotin AHC0219 100 µg 270.00
IL-2 ELISA Rt Ms 12B11AE7 Biotin ARC0829 100 µg 270.00
IL-2 ELISA Sw Ms A150D8H10 Biotin ASC0829 100 µg 260.00
IL-3 ELISA,IHC Hu Ms 653A7D6 Biotin AHC0939 100 µg 270.00
IL-4 ELISA Hu Ms 860F10H12 Biotin AHC0749 100 µg 279.00
IL-4 ELISA Ms Ms BVD6-24G2 Biotin AMC0949 100 µg 255.00
IL-4 ELISA Sw Ms A155B15C6 Biotin ASC0849 100 µg 270.00