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Finding the right secondary antibody is easier than ever. Whether you are looking for secondary antibodies, anti-dyes & haptens, anti-epitope tags & reporter genes, or isotype controls, Invitrogen has the largest selection available. Simply select the type of antibody you are looking for and filter by target, Ig Class, reactivity, conjugate, or host.
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7 Antibodies Returned

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BrdU Mouse Biotin IHC(EV), ICC(EV) 0.2 mg 03-3940 371.00
Dinitrophenol Rabbit Biotin Multiple 0.5 ml A-6435 289.00
Fluorescein/Oregon Green Rabbit Biotin Multiple 0.5 ml A-982 289.00
Lucifer Yellow Rabbit Biotin Multiple 0.5 ml A-5751 287.00

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